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March 18, 2011 / satishbhai

Tour to East India – Raipur, Champaran, Bhuvaneshwar, Jagannath Puri, Kolkatta & Ganga Sagar – 2008




Satishbhai & Lataben

DETAIL OF MY EAST INDIA TOUR 19/12/2008 – 30/12/2008

Day -1 & 2    19/12/2008 & 20/12/2008

PUNE TO RAIPUR TO CHAMPARAN  6.25 pm departure by Azad Hind Express arrived Raipur at 3.30 PM on 20/12/2008 and to Champaran at 5.30 PM 55 KM from Raipur  forest area. Evening Aarti & Darshan of Lord Shiva. 500 years old Shivling with face of Ganpati. Bethak of Shree Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya born in 1400 at premature 7 month, mother thought died. Hence they left him in forest after sometime Chamatkar. Fire took place automatically surrounding baby and all came back to see new born child. Ultimately baby grown and he started Vaishnav Dharma with 56 bethak he made including many places like Ganga Sagar, Jagannathpuri, in Gujarat also many place like Halol, mehsana etc. Pujas are allowed only for Vaishav Panthi community.

19/12 dinner in train Roti, Shreekhand, potato bhaji, bhindi bhaji, dal, rice, etc. all made at Pune.

20/12  Luch in train at Nagpur, roti, potato subaji, baganmasala, dal, rice, rosogulla etc, etc.

20/12  Dinner bhakari, dal rice, varan, potato, salad, papad, kakadi subaji, etc.

Boarding on 20/12 at Sudamapuri room name Mathura No. 2, accommodating 4 people – A flat like with two bedroom, hall etc, dated 19/12 & 20/12 over.

Day -3   21/12/2008

Morning Tea 6.30 am then ready for outing at 8.30 am with camera’s, then took some photos. Then 9 am breakfast of medu wadas & khakhra around 10 am to visit all temples & finally Agnikund and return 1 pm.

Lunch at 1.30 pm with roti, undhiyu, choli, salad, rice, dal, papd, and tardhari lapsi. 2.30 to 3.30 rest by 4 pm ready for Rukmani Vivah.

By 4.30 pm we stared Vivah possession with bend baja and plakhi. I was in silk zabba and kurta. I gave also my hand to palkhi which you can see in photos possession took time from 4.30 to 6.30 pm vivah started in Bethak there after and continued till 8 pm. Every individual touch the feet of Lord Krishna and offer the gift in money. Thereafter Aarti followed by dinner in Mandir only. By 9.30 we finish all and came back to sudamapuri by 10 pm. By 10.30 we went for sleep day 3 is over. Zari is nothing but, Abhishek done by all Vaishnav panthi people.

Day -4   22/12/2008

It was almost rest day at champaran morning again we went to temple (bethak) and then took lunch at 1 pm and then by 2 pm we went to Raipur station to take train to Bhuvaneshwar. Train left at 5.30 pm we took dinner in train Bhuvaneshwar was to reach at 7.30 am. Next day i.e. 23/12. Any was day 4th is over had dinner and went to sleep.


# 2 #

Day -5    23/12/2008

Arrived at Bhuvaneshwar at 7.30 am by Bus we went to Puri and arrived Puri at 11 am. Hotel Sonali was booked we took breakfast & then got ready by 2 pm for lunch.

After lunch 1 hour rest by 5 pm. We went to Jagnnath Temple and came back by 8 pm The temple is about 500 year’s old. One of the biggest Hindu religion place but, the most disappointing matter is the worst behaviour of pandas and second no cleanliness. Pandas are really do not seem to be Pujari but, all are looters mainly for money. It is really bitter and disgusting to experience such behavior of pandas.

Day -6    24/12/2008

Again one more free day was given morning went to sea shore & market. The dress material & sarees & children wear are not so good quality & fashion are not suitable for our western people. However time was passed till afternoon.

After lunch we took some rest for 1 hour & got ready to go to temple again at 4 pm. Second time went to temple but, this time we went with peace of mind and paid Rs. 25/- tickets to go near to all murty namely Jagannath   subhadra & Balaram. Good darshan near to god & got satisfied we went walking this time & came back also walking & reached hotel at 7.30 pm took dinner at 9.30 pm and went for sleep.

Day -7    25/12/2008

We stared for site seeking at around 8.30 am by Bus “Raja” of konark travel first stop at 10 am to konark sun temple. It is very old structure built during Samrat Ashoka. It took 1 hour to see the place from Puri it is about 50 Km towards Bhuvaneshwar.

Next visited Lingraj temple, Dhavalgiri, Muktagiri and other temples. Finally we reached at Buddha Tup at Kalinga. This is the place where kalinga battle took place where Samrat Ashoka got the heart feeling of killing many people and he took the gyan from lord Budhha Tup made was the old structure. After at 6.30 we came back to hotel & dinner with Ragda pattice and gulabjam. Then we started for Kolkatta at 10.30 pm by Jagannnath express. Day 7 is over.

Day -8    26/12/2008

We reached Kolkatta at 10 am & went to Meghdoot hotel. We were ready by 1 pm for lunch. After we had lunch we went for shopping in group of 10 in a sharing sumo car till 8.30 we were roaming in new market, maidan market, big bazaar & then we went to pantaloon & others A/C shopping complex, while returning we went to Bada Bazar. Also then back to hotel at 9 pm. We had dinner & went to sleep at 10.30 pm day 8th is over.

For shopping mainly in West Bengal varieties of clothes and dress material. What you can get is some variety otherwise nothing new compared to our western region.


# 3 #

Day -9    27/12/2008

This day is most important in the whole tour. Because we went to Holy Ganga sagar where Ganga river (Hoogly known as at Kolkatta) merge with Sea.

Morning we got up at 3 am. And got ready for Ganga Sagar. We left at 4 pm. By Bus. It was about 90 to 100 km route by Bus to go to Kolkatta Harbour by 7 am we reached and had breakfast. Thereafter we took ferry warf launch at 8.30 am which takes about 40 minutes to cover about 8 to 10 km in Sea. Almost 1000 people get transported in one trip of ferry Warf boat. After landing on the other side of sea the Panchyat place on a Iyeland known as Kachubedia & Ganga Sagar which is required to travel about 30 km by sumo car after reaching Ganga Sagar  village we have to again take cycle rickshaw to reach on Sangam which is about 2 km. this journey is to be done with variety of vehicles like Bus, boat, sumo and cycle rickshaw. We reached about 11 am.

In sangam we took Holy bath and then I did pooja some dakshina with dhotar offered to Brahmin who did pooja for me.

After we finish Ganga Sagar we went to Mahaprabhu Baithak where we took lunch and there after we stared back to harbour. We could get boat at 3 pm only as we missed earlier boat at 1.30 pm. Thereafter we reached hotel at about 8 pm by Bus. This was almost 18 hour journey and really exhaustive.

At hotel we took dinner at 9 pm and went to sleep at 10.30 pm as almost everyone got tired. The day 9th is over. There is saying that “other tirth many times but Ganga sagar only one time”. This is really true because it is very very difficult this journey and one can go once in life.

Day -10    28/12/2008

Morning we got ready at 7 am to go to sight seeing in Kolkatta our all luggage was packed and we have to leave hotel. Hence it took more time to load all luggage in Bus & also we took breakfast. At 9.30 am we left for Bellur muth and than to Dakhineshwar temple but, unfortunately we could not go to Dakhineshwar temple due to traffic problem being Sunday and also temple gets closed at 12.30 am. We came back to hotel at 1.30 pm and had lunch again at 2.30 pm we left for some place to see E-garden and Victoria memorials. We reached Howrah station by 7.30 pm to take our train Azad Hind Express to lave at 10 pm we had our dinner on the railway platform only. So finally our Holy tour ended and day 10th is over.

Day -11    29/12/2008

We left for Pune on 28/12 by 10 pm by Azad Hind Express and it was 2 night and one day journey. Hence our day 11th passed in traveling only.

Day -12    30/12/2008

Our tour ended. We reached Pune station at 8 am morning and I did good by to everyone reached home at 9 am.

Tour is over. Contd..4..

# 4 #

Some conclusions & tips

1.   Tour was good in traveling since we travel all along in III AC & pre booked Bus and Taxis.

2.   Tour was not having good accommodation accept Champaran, since hotels are not clean and also in one room they accommodated 4 people which gives lot of inconvenience.

3.   Food all throught with breakfast lunch and dinner was good, with our Gujarati taste and every meal containing at least one sweet and farsan.

4.   This type of tour is very hard and exhaustive one should be ready to accept all inconvenience such as travel time, differed taste of water, lack of cleaning, accommodative to unknown people, maintaining time schedule, disturbance of your own system and daily routing and also to keep alert from theft and baggers and also utmost care to take your belongings inclusive money.

5.   Special observation was made at Puri in famous Jagannath temple that all pandas Brahmin & pujari have only aim of money and do not seem to have any religion behavior. It is really disgusting to see that such famous temple people are only looting to all people.

6.   Money can make your way to god i.e. moksh? This is not true but, all Hindhu religion place where pandas and Brahmin can do for you with money but, only god myself, knows that he do not require money our all religion pandas are looting in the name of god but, god is within us only that they do not know.

7.   the most disappoints things was that all Hindu religion place are all dirty and all god are kept in debris of dirty ness. We may feel pity for gods. There do not seems to be any solutions and on the other hand “God is where is cleanliness”

8.   However we being Hindu we can have look to all such places once and rest all we can see god within ourselves.

March 18, 2011 / satishbhai

Egypt & Dubai Tour – Jan 2011

Satishbhai in Egypt

We went to Egypt & Dubai tour from 11/1/11 to 21/1/11. So I would like to give below the observation made by us for various sightseeing date wise, and I hope you will find interesting and also this remains as our memories.

Egypt is known as Land of the pharaohs means ruler in ancient Egypt. This word is originally Greek Word Pharno, since the Egypt was also ruled by Greek. You are aware that Cleapatra-7 who is originally Greek also ruled Egypt.

Day 1 Date 11/1/2011 Tuesday
We went by Airarabia Flight from Mumbai to Sharjah and then change over to another Airarabia Flight from Sharjah to Alexandria (Egypt). We reached at about 9.30 a.m. local time of Egypt. (3 hours behind India time.) The weather was cool and as per rule Hotel Checkin in all Europe and Egypt is allowed only at 2 p.m. Hence we have to start visiting sights directly from Airport by bus.

Name of our Guide from Mumbai is Ms. Lopa Shah and the Local Guide join with us whose name is Mr. Ahmed Habibi. We saw the following sights :-
Quitbay Fortress
One of the oldest palace of Egypt Just like a Small town built around 4500 years ago. Nothing extra ordinary to see except a old history of Egypt.
This was a wonderful site built in a very much architectural design keeping in view the sound profiting design so as to keep complete silence in Library. This is a latest design and also containing all types of collection in History, Science, Engineering, medicines, geography and many. Probably this must be a wonderful Library which has got world recognition having all modern arrangement. At this place we took some snacks during Lunch Time which we bought from India, since there was no lunch served as per agenda of Cox & Kings.

National Museum
After lunch we visited the museum. This museum contains various Ancient Egyptian pieces, which was recovered by Archeological department in 1995. This sight took nearly two hour. It is located within city only.

Montazah Palace
This place is on a beach of Meditarian sea, which contains well planned gardens and beautiful view of beach. In spite of shortage of portable water in Egypt they have maintain garden in a well planned way.

Our 1st stay at Hotel Sheraton Montazah Hotel is located near Montazah Palace only. Cox & Kings provides all Good Hotels. Even one night stay also give lot of relaxation so that you become fresh to visit your sites next day without any problems. End of 1st day Dinner was provided by Cox & Kings. For dinner we had to go to an Indian restaurant which was the only one in whole of Alexandria.

Day -2 Date 12/01/2011 Wednesday

This morning after breakfast around 9 a.m. we departed for “Cairo” by bus. Cairo city is the main Capital of Egypt. This city have less historical place but more developed in Industrial and business trading etc. since the city have advantage of good harbor for business activity. It was almost 4 hours drive from Alexandria. Hence we reached to Cairo during lunch time and we again have snacks which we bought from India since Cox & Kings do not provide lunch. Moreover you can’t get vegetarian food nearby and hence only for lunch we had to depend on our snacks only.
We visited the following sights :-
a) Egyptian Museum
This contains mainly the antiquities which is more than 136000 artifacts from over 5000 years of Egyptian history. Takes almost two hours time.
b) Khan El Khalilil Market
After about 2 p.m., were left to above market. This place is mainly for Souvenirs and all type of Egyptians artifacts. Till evening we were roaming on our own. No doubt we did little purchasing of cloth like ‘T’ Shirt and others. In all Egyptian market bargaining is in a big way. Prices can
be slashed to almost 25% that of what they tell in beginning.
c) Sound and Light Show
After visit to market we went to Hotel to check in. Name of Hotel is “Mercure Le Spninx” Which is located in place known as Giza – Egypt. We were taken to Giza-Egypt. Thereafter we were taken to Giza pyramids to enjoy sound and light show. This was wonderful programe in
dark night and it was quite chilly cool weather. This show uses innovative technique to narrate
the history of ancient Egypt with magnificent sound and light effects against the pyramids as a

The day 2 is over with Dinner hosted by Cox & Kings again in a vegetarian restaurant only one in Giza.

Day 3 – 13/01/2011 Thursday
In the morning after Breakfast in Cairo Hotel we left for Giza which is also part of Cairo to see various sight as follows : –
a) Great Pyramids of Giza
One of the oldest and largest pyramids of Giza on Giza plateau. Pyramids are built by rulers mainly to keep their dead bodies as they strongly believes in next life. All pyramids are built in triangular shape same like sun rays are always in this shape and Egyptians rulers believes themselves as Son of God, who only have right to rule the Kingdom. All pyramids are built with Lime Bricks and each weigh almost 2 tons. The largest pyramid was built with 2 millions 30 thousands Lime brick stones and it took nearly 20 years to built. All pyramids are as old as 4500 to 4700 years old.

b) Papyrus Institute
Our next visit was to above Institute. Here we saw that in ancient Egypt how the paper was made from the tree popularly known as palm tree trunks. This was really an history of ancient time for making paper. Today we have all modern technique of making paper.

c) Perfume Factory
The Egyptian perfume palace showed us Aromatherapy oil for External use almost 24 varieties. The perfumes of various essences and fruit essences was 52 varieties.

d) Jewellary Shop
This was our next stop. Well type and design of Jewellary what we saw are of Egyptian design and pattern. We Indians may or may not like to were.

Today evening we took a train to Aswan another city of Egypt, which was overnight Journey. The train was meter gauge. We took our dinner in the train only given by Cox & Kings. We reach Aswan on 14th morning. Here also it was chilly cool atmosphere.

Day 4 Date 14/01/2011 Friday
Arrived to Aswan early morning at 7 a.m. The world’s longest and biggest river Nile is also passing this city in a midway. This river here gives good facility for cruise. Hence there are many cruise available for going to other cities. We boarded the cruise, kept our luggage and straight out for sightseeing. Following are the places we saw : –
a) High Dam
It is very long almost 500 km. high dam built by the Egyptian Government. In olden day Nile river flooded many time in such a way that many village and city was washed away. Hence it became mandatory to build a dam of longer length. It is very good sight.
b) Philae Temple
All Egyptian monument where ruler used to stay are called as temple because ruler believes Son of God and there are some rules and regulations frame by ruler only. The temples are made in ancient time by workers and architect and it takes long time. There are same temple built in such a way that many entrance are provided one after another. Only ruler was allowed to go till last end, since they believe only he can go to God. Floors are sloping upwards and ceiling sloping down. This means ruler is going up and God is coming down to meet him. All Temples are built with lime and no cement is used. All memories are carved inside the temple.

c) The unfinished Obelisk
This is place to see all four sided lime stones pillars that tapers to a point. This has been set up as monument. Obelisk is originally Greek word.

d) Abu Simbel
After having lunch and check in the rooms at Cruise the above site we opted as option at extra cost. This is the best preserved temple in whole of Egypt. This place is almost two hour drive from Aswan. Again it is a story of another ruler of that particular area. All carving provides the history of local ruler.
Today we had breakfast, lunch and also dinner in the cruise by Cox & Kings.

Day 5 – Date 15/01/2011 Saturday

Overnight in cruise travel to Kom ombo. We disembarked from cruise only for one to two hours to see the home of Sobek. This is crocodile God who was worshipped in pre-dynastic times. This temple is know as Komombo Temple. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner all in cruise.

Day 6 – Date 16/01/2011 Sunday

We continue to sail to place known as EDFU. Once again to see EDFU temple also known as Hours temple. This is a best preserved temple with Lot of Carvings. It has many inscriptions in the copthic language and is adorned with painting during that Era.

Day 7 – Date 17/01/2011 Monday

In the morning we reached to big city known as Luxor which was last destination of cruise and also last destination of our Egypt tour. We straight went to sight as follows : –

The Valley of the kings
This is a very big place where all temples of various catagories of rulers are made in carving the mountains. It is very big valleys story goes again of various rulers and its carving inside the temples.
Hatschepsut Temple

It is difficult spell the name. Again it is a story of ruler with his temple and carvings.
Today we were provide with break fast in cruise and dinner in Hotel. We checked in Hotel known as Kings Island which was just like a resort. Very very big complex provided will all amenities and out skirt on the bank of river Nile.

Day 8 Date 18/01/2011 Tuesday
After having breakfast in hotel we left for site at about 12 noon to see following : –

a) Karnak Temples
This was located on East Bank of Nile river again same type of carving and story of ruler.
b) Luxor Temple
This was right in the heart of Luxor city and was very big complex. Nearby a market also. We visited for shopping and we spent almost up to 9 p.m. in Luxor city and thereafter we proceed to Luxor airport to take our flight to Sharjah.

Day 9 date 19/01/2011 Wednesday
We reached to Sharjah in the morning and went to Hotel in Dubai known as Regal Plaza Hotel in Bur Dubai’s . Dubai is almost one hour drive from Sharjah. But we could not check in Hotel since check in time at all place is 2 p.m. so we went to sight as follows on optional tour with extra payment.

a) City Tour
To see all places in city and in particular worlds tallest building made in Dubai. The building name is Burj-Al-Arab. Many place like Mosque in Jumeirah, Jumairah Beach, Camel race track, sheikh’s palace, Deiratowers and many all we saw just sitting in bus.

b) Desert Safari
After lunch we went to above sight which was 2½ hour drive from Dubai. This was nice visit and we had complete humpty dumpty drive in sand of desert with evening dinner and dance programme. We return to hotel by 10 p.m.

Day 10 Date 20/01/2011 Thursday
The day was kept completely free to go to market, purchasing, shopping and to see mall on our own. We did some purchasing of cloths, chocolates and dry fruits.

Day 11 Date 21/01/2011 Friday
After having breakfast in Hotel at 12 noon we left for Sharjah airport to take flight back to Mumbai – India.

Some tips regarding this Country.

1) Drinking water shortage due to this every time mineral water to purchase. No drinking wate available anywhere in the country .
2) Egyptian cotton is famous in the whole world.
3) Egyptian pound = 8 to 9 Indian Ruppes.
4) In Egypt as well as U.A.E. any business to be done other than citizens, it is mandatory that partner with 51 % share is required otherwise no business.
5) Ownership property including flats are not allowed both in Egypt & UAE.

All the above information is for your knowledge.